Comparing Multiple Case Studies of (Military) Chaplaincy Care: Methodological Issues


[…] In the military chaplaincy research community that we are both involved in as researchers, the issue of case comparison emerged while discussing single cases. This research community consists of six military chaplains, working in multiple contexts of the Dutch Armed Forces: the army, the navy, the air force, the military police, and the institution for veteran care. In our meetings, unplanned, we started to compare new cases with cases we had discussed earlier. We also questioned the selection of cases: do they adequately capture the variety of practices within the field of military chaplaincy? Against the background of our conversations in the military chaplaincy research community, this article positions the analysis of cases within the wider field of case study research and addresses issues that are involved in setting out a route for analysis across cases.

Learning from Case Studies in Chaplaincy. Towards Practice Based Evidence & Professionalism