Theo Pleizier

Theo Pleizier

Assistant Professor of Practical Theology

Protestant Theological University

About me

As an assistant professor of Practical Theology I teach Pastoral Care and Homiletics at the Protestant Theological University in Groningen, The Netherlands. I contribute to the international program ‘Missional Communities’. My research interests include soulcare, spirituality and preaching. I coordinate the (Dutch) post-doctoral program ‘Societas Doctorum Ecclesiae’ of the PThU, a program that stimulates PhD-graduated theologians employed outside the university in doing academic research. I am international secretary of Societas Homiletica.

From 2007-2015 I served as parish minister in the Protestant Church in the Netherlands two congregations in The Netherlands, Langerak ZH (2007-2012) and Dirksland (2012-2015).


  • Pastoral Care
  • Military Chaplaincy
  • Parish Ministry
  • Preaching


  • PhD in Theology, 2010

    Protestant Theological University, Utrecht

  • MA in Theology, 2001

    Utrecht University

Recent Posts


Pastoral Care - Facts and Figures

NCLS (Church Life Survey) gathers large datasets from a wide array of perspectives from Christian communities. In this project I design a module on pastoral care in parishes to study quantitative data on the type of pastoral care that is offered in congregations and how pastoral care is evaluated by respondents. NCLS is an Australian research model.

Spiritual Formation in Parish Pastoral Care

This international project develops and researches a method for spiritual formation in pastoral care in the parish. The project is a collaborative effort with practical-theologians from Australia, Scotland, South-Africa and The United States. I respresent the Northern European context.

Societas Doctorum Ecclesiae

SDE is a special post-doctoral project at the PThU. Theologians outside the university (such as church ministers holding a PhD) co-author scholarly articles with faculty members of the PThU. The program is recognised as continuing education program in the Protestant Church in the Netherlands. The program is currently in Dutch. I coordinate the project.

Military Chaplaincy | Case Studies Project

The aim of the Dutch Case Studies Project is to produce and evaluate case studies that can aid in the identification of good practices in chaplaincy care. I contribute to the project by co-leading the researh community for Military Chaplaincy.

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Comparing Multiple Case Studies of (Military) Chaplaincy Care: Methodological Issues

[…] In the military chaplaincy research community that we are both involved in as researchers, the issue of case comparison emerged while discussing single cases. This research community consists of six military chaplains, working in multiple contexts of the Dutch …

Legal Euthanasia in Pastoral Practice: Experiences of Pastors in the Protestant Church in the Netherlands

This representative survey amongst 653 ministers in the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PKN) maps their experiences and views with regard to euthanasia. We found that three-quarters of the ministers have experience with euthanasia requests from their parishioners. …

You Can Remove a Person from the War, But Not the War from a Person

The following case description touches on a painful chapter in the Netherlands’ national history: the deployment of Dutch soldiers in the Dutch East Indies. The description deals with an army chaplain`s home visit to 89 years old Mr Klaas2, a veteran of World War II as …

Preaching (as) Atonement

Atonement is a central doctrine in Christian theology. Even though preaching is not about doctrines, doctrine does operate in and through preaching. In this essay the relationship between atonement and preaching is explored. Based upon a contemporary theological analysis of …

Bookreview: Kevin J. Vanhoozer and Owen Strachan, The Pastor as Public Theologian. Reclaiming a Lost Vision (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2015), Xi + 221 Pp., US$21.99. (ISBN 9780801097713).

The urgency for this book is felt throughout as the identity of the pastor is at stake. Who is the pastor, what is the pastor’s role, not only in church but also in representing the Christian faith in wider society? And even more pressing: what does it entail that …